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Los Santos (Weazel News) –  Adding aftermarket parts to your vehicle is a staple of being a San Andreas citizen. We enjoy installing parts to our automobiles as a statement piece, a way of projecting our individuality. Our personal vehicles reflect ourselves and we all take pride in our ride. From the rims to the roof, we scour the catalog pages for pieces that speak out to us. It is not uncommon to see a limo with a matte pink paintjob or a Kanjo sporting a deluxe GTR spoiler and covered with Ahegao stickers. However there seems to be one obstacle in our pursuit of perfect ride: legitimate aftermarket parts.

Between recovering from the recent epidemic and current situation with the Suez Canal, stocks have seemed to run low on genuine vehicular aesthetics. Due to this lack of surplus, some off brand companies have decided to increase production of their own items to try and grab at potential revenue, trying to pass as high-quality products normally seen on the shelves of your local auto parts shop. This is great if you are trying to make a quick buck but unfortunately, it is the consumer that pays the price for defective products.

Numerous complaints have been filed with the various mechanic shops sprinkled around our state regarding faulty parts, especially motorcycles. People will stop by, purchase a part, have it installed by the mechanics, only for items to fall off once they leave the place. Certain shop owners have gone as far as to advise their customers to avoid purchasing motorcycle parts until the state can regulate the import of parts at the Los Santos customs office.

Los Santos Customs Photo Credit: Karmen Rowe

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