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Officer Down, an Officer Steals, and Missing Weapons



UPDATE: Lt. Kuznetsov of the LSPD Confirmed in an FOIA request that Robert Martindale was arrested and was subsequently charged and pled guilty to the charges.

LOS SANTOS (WZ) — Chaos once again is brought to the public’s attention with a single Press Conference.

May 28, 2021 Officers of the Los Santos Police Department held a press conference where they conveyed the sorrowful news that an Officer had been killed in the line of duty. 

Deputy Carl Slice of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office was killed on the 25th of this month while attempting to rescue a fellow officer during a gunfight with members of the Ballas.

Lt Brandon Davis, a member of the Police force negotiated with the Ballas Gang to ‘quell violence’ and ‘hand over those responsible.’

Four Ballas members turned themselves in and pleaded guilty to charges laid, police in the press conference named the four;

  • Mateo Alvarez
  • Aleks Harris
  • Chris Finley
  • Josh O’Neil

Police also revealed in an Official Statement that an Officer had broken the Law in numerous ways. 

Deputy Robert Martindale who has now been suspended due to his involvement in a previous situation where one Deputy Carl Slice of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office was killed in the line of Duty. Police also revealed that the now-former deputy broke into the armory and stole Four Class-2 Weapons in violation of the law and in violation of LSPD Policy, and then Robert Martindale fled the station.

According to police, Robert Martindale in his service to the community as a Deputy for the BCSO had many run-ins with the Ballas Street Gang and was ‘targeted’ by gang members on numerous occasions. The working theory is this behavior targeting the former Deputy by the East Side Ballas  is the motive for the theft of weapons.

A Joint operation was completed yesterday where members of the Police Departments were out on the streets ‘to ensure public safety, locate Martindale, and locate the firearms.’ In the early hours of this morning Robert Martindale was being chased by members of the Ballas Street Gang, fleeing them he drove to Mission Row Police Station and was taken into custody by senior police officials. The former deputy remains in police custody and at this time no charges have been filed.

A stern warning has been issued by Senior Officers stating;

“Some of the firearms that were stolen have been recovered, however there are few that remain outstanding.”

Police confirmed in Question time that two weapons were still unaccounted for.

Questions in the public are being raised regarding the death of Deputy Slice and who is at fault here. Public mistrust of the police department is continually growing with some online calling for the state government to intervene in the transparency of police actions.

“The LSPD and BCSO stand as pillars of justice. The bad apple in this case, Robert Martindale, has been arrested and will face justice for his actions.”

There is tremendous  public concern surrounding how many ‘Bad Apples’ are in the police departments, and whether or not the respective departments are doing anything about removing them.

The full video of the press conference can be seen here:

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