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Barren Wasteland Tram



What do you say when you notice a throng of pedestrians patiently waiting for a ride at the tram station? A train that will never come, but they don’t seem aware of this fact. It could be a symptom of the rampant drug use found throughout the greater Los Santos area. 

A bunch of litter rolls over track without anything to pay it care. The track is talked about as if it still works. But for what! High speed pursuits?

The only thing I have seen roll over the railroads of this city are the overzealous caracaras and the cops attempting to subdue them.

It is rumored that the tram stopped working after numerous incredibly dangerous and brazen as well as life threatening high speed pursuits that lead into the subway tunnels. BUT WHAT IF, we decided to fund the tram again? Would that put a stop to all of that? I mean who in their right mind would attempt to use the tunnels with a train headed toward you at 70mph ready to devastate everything in its path? I SAY BRING BACK THE TRAIN! 

I am not saying we should get a repeat of the movie UNSTOPPABLE but… Why not have an unstoppable transit system for the people of LS to avoid some of the south side. This also could help the city in paying for public attractions and construction. At the end of the day, we at Weazel News would like to hear from you: tell us what you think of the railway!

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