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Summer Special Election

Political Watch: Day Three of the Campaign



LOS SANTOS (WZ) — Day three continued the peacefulness and civilized campaign. We interviewed three of the candidates and provided coverage throughout the day of developing events, such as the retiring of William Benning from the campaign for State Representative.

We are doing Pre-Election Polling, please fill it out if you haven’t, it helps us do better reporting and analysis on a crazy election. 

Today we interviewed Candidates Charlie Bradstock, Kash Keller and Mohn Nash for their opinion on certain topics specific to them and topics generally important to the state and its citizens.

William Benning Stands aside

Controversial candidate William Benning has announced he is stepping down from the campaign race this election, citing “I don’t think the city is ready for the ideas I had.” The sudden resignation from the campaign comes only a day after a heated Twitter feud.

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Charlie Bradstock Interview

First up is Charlie Bradstocks interview. We asked him if he believes there was corruption at the highest level, His opinion surrounding Casandra Cohen arrest, what’s different about his campaign this time around, controversies from the previous gubernatorial campaign and his opinion on Eli Goodman’s allegations of corruption in the Government.

Regarding corruption at the highest level, he said “There’s going to be corruption anywhere you go, no matter what level you go. Do I believe at the highest level? There’s no easy way to prove it, so I prefer not to comment. It’s just a matter of finding out who and dealing with these individuals.”

When asked about the Cassandra Cohen case Bradstock called into question the hiring process and the search for ‘potential red flags.’ He goes on to say that people who tend to do criminal things, have done them before. “It’s definitely a big shock that it [charges] was as bad as it was, but the way I look at it is […] it somewhat proves the ineptitude [of the hiring process]”

We spoke about his previous campaign for Governor in may and his policies, he said
“I kind of boiled it down more to a few key things I’m focusing on back then, I try to keep things very broad. Now, I’m only mainly focusing on three things. ” 

These are Prison reform, Accountability and Firearm Laws, allowing people to work and seek accreditation while in prison, bring accountability by means of transparency in government departments, and require safety courses for new gun users.

“Do you know how to use that gun? [if] No. You are more dangerous to yourself and others have, you know, without the knowledge of how to use that gun than if you didn’t have one in the first place.”

We spoke to him about voter mistrust because of the controversies surrounding his Governors campaign. Here is what he had to say:

“No matter what my views are politically compared to yours. No matter what, at the end of the day, you are the one that’s important, not me. Well, obviously, I’m going to be looking to push certain laws if you have an issue, no matter what it f*****g is, even the tiniest thing, you come to me and I will do everything I can to help you get it sorted. Have there been issues in my past? Absolutely yes. But at the end of the day. You know, I am trying to help every person I can in the way that I feel is best and you know, I’m willing to work with people on that which I think is what a lot of the candidates and perhaps even the currently elected individuals fail to realize. It’s not them that’s important. It’s not us that’s important. It’s the general public.”

The final question was regarding Eli Goodman’s allegation of “police have locked people in the backs of cars and threatened to push them off cliffs. Judges show up to police stations to advise police on how best to prosecute criminals even though they’re meant to be unbiased.”

He responded

“if that is happening in regards to the law enforcement side of things, again, as I said before, in regards to accountability, you know, external investigations into the department, whether that be from departments within the state or if necessary, you know, federally from the FBI, you know, or another external organization conducting investigations to rectify those issues and then dealing with those, you know, officers. 

Obviously, you know, conducting things like that is a pain in the ass, but they are necessary when it comes to judges. I mean, yeah, I agree. Judges are 100 per cent supposed to be unbiased.”

Kash Keller Interview

We asked this candidate similar questions to Bradstock, here is how he responded to them

We asked Kash Keller about some pre-polling Weazel news has done, which is showing him miles ahead of other candidates, here is what he had to say.

“If I’m being candid, I’m pretty pretty flattered, but I’m honestly not surprised. You know, I talk big game and I think that I get big rewards for that. And that’s the same way I think I’m going to be when I’m in office. So, you know, like I said, I may talk big, but that big certainly gets delivered when it comes to results and s**t, especially with big change and great change in overthrowing the system. So this is really just the start of the, the rest. I had a pretty f**king humble, though, because, like, you know, I know all my antics out there f**king represent, you know, hashtag Kash Keller f**ks.”

We next asked if he believes there is corruption inside the Government and its Departments, he responded:

“100%, even when there’s nothing hardcore you can see, I think that there’s still subconscious bias, and that’s always been evident within sort of systematic organizations and governments throughout thousands of years, like Back to F**king Rome and s**t.”

We then asked about the Cassandra Cohen arrest, here is his take on the issue:

“We may never know if she was framed or not framed. She could have been framed by another person trying to get her out of power and she could be a part of ‘the resistance’ or she could be someone who is a great day and class one demonstration of the corruption in government and how people are led so astray. I also understand that f**king Robert Martindale was a part of that scene, according to the article I read, which I think was by you [weazel] guys. And it’s also f**king shameful to know that he was a former police officer and that he’s now getting into certain illegal activities.”

We then asked about the Eli Goodman allegations, here was his opinion on the issue;

“We need to expand the awareness and education there of of the like, the legal proceedings. I know. And you can quote me directly on this. I know that that s**t is boring as f**k, but we have to start learning to be a little bit more educated so that the anarch rebellion movement can gain traction and legitimacy… but point being, if people don’t understand how best to proceed legally their rights, then clearly the Miranda rights clearly are just the first f**king resort and certainly it seems like now like they’re the last resort. Not only do people have the right to remain silent and all that other s**t, they have to understand and have that universal right to legal counsel whenever that’s possible. So if that’s expanded and we hire more lawyers and give them, like, incentives to say, lawyers and stay unbiased, then I think we’re going to work toward a better tomorrow.”

Towards the end of his interview news broke about William Benning retiring from the campaign, we asked Kash Keller about the incident in which he was also involved. 

“It goes to show that not everyone can handle the heat for this office and I want to make one thing very clear with the example of Mr Benning. I am not afraid as a candidate and a potential representative to push the opposition right the f**k out of the way. I’m all for working to fix it. But if someone’s going to stand in my way, I don’t f**k with barriers or cones.” 

Kash Keller then reminded us of his popular support among businesses with certain contributions and endorsements from many in the Business community such as Auto Exotic, Bennys Autoshop, and PDM.

Mohn Nash Interview

Finally, we spoke with candidate Nash.

He asked him about the possibilities of corruption occurring in the Government. He said;

“So I think it’s safe to assume there is some corruption happening.”

When asking about the Cassandra Cohen case he was unable to respond to it

Moving onto the Eli Goodman Allegations he responded:

“OK, this is kind of my wheelhouse here since I am an ADA. I do think that there needs to be some police SOP’s made public. As far as how you’re detained and, you know, just normal traffic stops, what to expect, all the police, I suppose, are, you know, kept under lock and key I think that’s transparency with a few of those would at least allow citizens to know what exactly to expect when they’re dealing with a situation like that. As far as judges down in cells, I disagree with that a hundred percent. If anything, it should be an ADA down there or DA, not a judge. A judge is supposed to be impartial. They’re not supposed to be like a bench trial in the bullpen. That just seems negligent.”

We then concluded with the news that William Benning had dropped out of the race, he responded:

“The man seems a little unhinged. I mean, is that really who we want to be representing our state? I think that’s this probably the best situation for everyone in the state.”

He then spoke about his campaign platform, which includes

  • Increasing the UBI
  • Creating a D.O.C Department to facilitate rehabilitation and
  • Allowing people to propose referendum ideas for the whole city to vote on.

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