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Press Conference – Power Outage – 08/22/21



Major Crimes Division called a press conference this evening to discuss the completed investigation relating to the power outage on 08/22, Detective Dallas P. Cassidy spearheaded an immediate investigation to establish if the outage was that of a malicious reason or of genuine nature. 

This investigation clearly has taken some increasingly larger steps forward as the MCD have establish that there is malicious intent in the cause of the disturbance at the Palmer-Taylor Power station, a privately owned state utility, during the investigation officers and detectives found substantial damage caused to the infrastructure of the plant and ancillary systems which caused the fatal blow to the states only power source. 

Detectives also found that all video camera feeds had been destroyed and backs up removed alongside wires purposefully damaged to cause malfunctions on this system. This led detectives to interview all employees of the plant Jynx Stevens and Gina Stevens (no relation to reporter) in the process of being interviewed under rights given and without a lawyer present as requested by the sisters began to spin a web of lies. 

Slowly under interview questions their stories started to fade away from each other and eventually detectives had been able to prove the falsehood of these now blatant lies. 

Detective Cassidy went on to confirm “later that evening Jynx Stevens was caught in the act of destroying maintenance logs” going on to advise “Jynx was found to be in possession of false logs at this time”. 

Realising that the jig was up and their house of cards was about to come crashing down MCD found that Jynx Stevens had in fact falsified her own records to gain access to employment coincidently employment gained from her supervisor sister at the plant. Under further interrogation Jynx confirmed that she had ‘knowingly and purposely’ destroyed plant material to go out with a “bang” after being told she would lose her ill-gained position. However it was at this point that she began to gaind a conscious and tried to rectified her damages causing even further damage in the process, Gina Stevens became aware of this damage and tried to assist her sister in covering up the damage by calling upon Public Works to a “lose lose situation” as Detective Cassidy put it.

Following this break in the MCD’s investigation Gina Stevens confirmed that she was fully aware her sister was incredibly under qualified to work as an plant engineer but accepted her into the role because quote “thats what family do”. Both sisters had been released by MCD as the plant is a private company pending a decision by Palmer-Taylor if they wish to press charges or not. 

Tonight a Paler-Taylor confirmed they are pressing charges against both individuals and a warrant written and approved by Judges have been presented. MCD requested that the public not get involved in the apprehension of these individuals and urged the sisters to turn themselves in immediately. 

The official press release:

Detective Dallas P. Cassidy Major Crimes DivisionMission Row Police DepartmentSinner St. Los Santos, SA 92212Phone: 069-576-6249Email:

Public Press Release

On 22AUG2021, the power across the state of San Andreas went out. This left millions of people in total and utter darkness. The crime rate exploded and people were left wondering what took place to cause this chaos. I’m proud to say that we have the answers the public are looking for. 

An investigation was launched by the Major Crimes Division to determine if this was a benign outage or a malicious one. I, Detective Cassidy spearheaded this investigation alongside Detective Sgt. Lane Maximus; however, we could not have done it without our fellow Detectives: Cpt. George Kuznetsov, Lt. Salley Jenkins, Sgt. Joanna Poole and Det. Joey Solace. Furthermore, I would like to thank the LSPD and BCSO for lending us their resources and therefore playing an integral part in our case. We couldn’t have done it without the support we received from all agencies.

Now, onto what we’ve all gathered to hear: upon further investigation, it was clear to detectives on scene that the power plant had been clearly tampered with. The office to the door where all the logs and controls for the entire plant had been broken into. The video camera feeds had been physically destroyed. There was evidence showing wires had been purposefully damaged, pipes destroyed and maintenance logs forged. 

All this led to detectives interviewing the employees of the power plant: Jynx Stevens and Gina Stevens. There was a third worker interviewed however as of this time, he is thought to be uninvolved and therefore will remain unnamed. Both Stevens’ were read their rights prior to all questioning. They willingly provided information to investigators and waived their rights to having an attorney present. 

 During the interview, both Stevens provided contradictory and false information to investigators at several occasions regarding their credentials and their maintenance logs. They also stated that someone had been trying to break into the main office for several days and they tried to report it to the authorities at SSPD. A review of all reports made at SSPD determined this claim to be fraudulent. Furthermore, later in the evening, Jynx Stevens was caught in the act of destroying maintenance logs and replacing them with false logs by Detective Lane Maximus. It was at this point where Detective Cassidy looked up public information on Jynx Stevens and found that all of her credentials were false and completely forged. She did not have any of the required qualifications to be an engineer at the power plant. This made us wonder: “How did she get such an important job as electrical engineer at such a big plant with no formal education?”. Investigators looked into the hiring process and determined that her sister, Plant Supervisor Gina Stevens used her position to hire her sister despite her lack of qualification. However, we needed to determine if this was done knowingly or unknowingly – more on this later. 

Upon confrontation with the two Steven’s sisters with the recently acquired information, Jynx admitted to investigators that she purposefully destroyed power plant property out of spite as she was consistently getting written up and ridiculed by her peers – mainly her sister. She admitted that after she destroyed parts of the plant, her conscience got the best of her and she tried to repair the situation but due to her lack of credentials, made the issue worse causing critical damage to the plant. Gina Stevens recognized the damage and rather than reporting it, assisted her sister in the cover up. The two then forged logs and contacted public works to use them as a scapegoat for their actions – public works did nothing wrong. Gina admitted to hiring her sister knowing full well that she was not qualified because “She’s family and that’s what you do”. t. 

Both individuals were not originally arrested; rather a report was made and forwarded onto the power plant for them to decide on what they would like to do. The board of trustees met and decided they would like to press charges against both individuals. Warrants for both individuals have been written and approved by a judge. At this time, both sister’s remain outside of police custody however, we are strongly encouraging both sisters to come forward and turn themselves in. 

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