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Inauguration Has Been Scheduled



LOS SANTOS (WZ) — The inauguration of our State Representatives and newly-elected Governor has been scheduled. Weazel and Rebel Radio will have full coverage of the event.

Statement from the Paxton Campaign:

This Sunday, September 12th at 6:30 PM EST, the State of San Andreas formerly invites all citizens to the inauguration of our elected parties. Festivities will be hosted at the Vinewood Bowl with public entry beginning at 6:30 PM EST and the festivities kicking off at 6:40 PM EST.​​Free transportation will begin at 6 PM EST from the Eclipse Boulevard garage next to Ari’s Deli provided by Deluxe Chauffeur Services ( There will be a shuttle bus rotating between locations every 5 minutes with the last bus leaving the venue at 7:30 PM EST.​​No weapons or objects that can be used as weapons will be admitted into the stage area by those not within the security detail. This includes but is not limited to: Pistols, Bats, Wrenches and other tools, Flashlights, Fire Extinguishers, etc.​​Security will be present to ensure the safety of the attendees and the guests of honor but cannot guarantee the safety of vehicles or items stored in vehicles. Please utilize the shuttle services if this is of concern.​

It’s also been separately asked, if you could use the shuttle instead of parking on the site. 

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