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Political Watch: 1st of November



Politics has been quiet this week, but we will remember this week for a different reason: On the 31st of October we were all plunged into darkness. This attack on our very way of life is something no one will forget as we go into the future. We need to ensure this never happens again.

Legislation Watch

No movement with pieces of Legislation this week. Weazel understands no legislative sessions have been held either.

The Halloween Blackout Attacks

The Halloween Blackout was a very horrific night for people of the city, with no phone communications everyone was shoved back into the dark ages for any form of communication. Here is what we understand so far…

  1. Before the blackout police were giving a press conference about the escape of multiple murderous cult members. It’s understood that the cult members went around handing out small vials of a drink and/or kidnapping people. 
  2. The Phones went out before the Power leading to the suspicion of an attack
  3. Public works later confirmed that the power station had been deliberately disabled
  4. All of the cult members have since been arrested or were killed during incidents.

There have been calls today for the government to legislate emergency procedure documents and create an emergency alert system which doesn’t rely on city power to broadcast messages. Others have been calling this emergency a disaster on the Government’s Behalf, as there was no critical response or coordination between the government and it’s emergency services. 

The Government released a statement today regarding the attacks:

I can currently confirm that the cult members have been apprehended and either killed during a police stand-off in Grapeseed or incarcerated after their escape. The Children of the Lamb kidnapped and drugged two state representatives during their escape. In addition, former Chief of Police Mac Moody was killed during the stand-off.

We’re waiting to confirm any additional casualties at this time.
This was a major breach of security at the federal level, and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the police officers and medical services who quickly rallied to bring order to the chaos. The city would be in a much worse state without the prompt intervention from the staff of Mount Zonah, Mission Row, and the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office.

I cannot comment any further as this matter will be under investigation by Major Crimes. Thank you.

Becks Lawson, Representative of the Legislature and Spokesperson

While the actions taken on this dreadful day were nothing but heroic, they were still chaotic decisions in a time we never planned for. Weazel received multiple reports via out Canvassing line regarding the blackout and the main consensus of all the submissions was that no one knew what was going on and that there was an absence of authority in the city. It took nearly two hours for power to be returned and in that time any form of government advice wasn’t received. No one could access websites or their phones so any form of communication needed to rely on battery pack radios or talking to people. 

People were panicked, with some even getting on boats and fleeing to Cayo off the coast. Others assumed the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ had arrived. There were countless reports of shootings and when the lights came back on, a report of bodies being found everywhere.

This event tested the capacity of how our city can handle chaos, this is the second major blackout to hit the city this year. We need to be prepared in case it happens again.

We have contacted the Los Santos Police Department for more information about the cultists however there has been no response. 

We wish anyone, and the representatives who were kidnapped/injured last night well in recovery.

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