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PB Records Raided, Police Allegedly Seize Drugs and Human Remains



LOS SANTOS (WZ) —Police will allege that $10,000 dollars, 10,000 cigarettes containing cocaine, and human remains were found inside the PB Records building. They also allege the building is a front for the Pillbox Cartel.

According to court records filed on the 28th, the PB records building was raided by members of the Los Santos Police Department. It was alleged by police that on the 25th, probable cause was established to raid the building because they established a link between the premises and spiked tobacco which was used by several government employees.

According to the same court records a raid occurred on the evening of the 27th. Eight arrests were made with charges ranging from possession of illegal/illicit items or assault/battery on officers attending.

A hidden room was allegedly discovered by the police according to the court records. Inside this round it’s alleged they found human remains in the form of fingers and teeth. The remains have not been identified at this time. 

It’s further alleged that inside this secret room, 10,000 cocaine laced cigarettes were found inside a box with a ‘heavy chemical smell.’ On one of the work benches it’s also alleged that a white substance was found sitting on the surfac. Forensics returned that this white power was Baking Soda, Tetrahydocannibol (THC) and Cocaine. 1 kilogram of Cocaine was also found, stored on a shelf. Further on it’s also alleged that a ‘torture’ chair was found, and the chair was covered in blood.

Other items were also allegedly found, including a Police issued gun, painkillers and over 100 banded notes.

This is rumored to be one of the largest drug busts and one of the biggest crackdowns in racketeering.

More recently there have been calls for stronger crackdowns on businesses allegedly fronting for organised crime. The raid also comes after ‘a number’ of businesses were allegedly investigated over potential fronts for organised crime.

This case is now in the courts and the latest development is that the Suspect listed; Kenny Weston, has waived his rights to a bail hearing. No scheduling or outcome has been determined. 

If you know anything about this story, feel free to tell us! We want a good understanding on what’s occurred here as it’s a major story. Tipline

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